Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

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"You just do what makes your heart sing, and you never give up!" Isabel Aimee 2014“Once in a while a truly unique artist comes along; making music that is genuinely original. Isabel Aimee is releasing her new album ‘Aligned’, single by single at the beginning of June. This kind of talent is irrepressible. Inspired by other empowered female artists like Enya, Kate Bush and Björk, Isabel started her project, 'INSPIRITION' in 2006, releasing 'Truth Telling' written with her five piece band, which enjoyed commercial success in Canada and the USA. Isabel has a high profile fan in Stevie Nicks, who has written in glowing terms about her work, saying "We should have more music like this!” Isabel's INSPIRITION project collected more than 24,000 fans worldwide and 37 radio stations currently play her music, including BBC airplay. She plays dozens of gigs every year in London and the South West, at festivals both at home and abroad."

Isabel plays live with guitarist Robert Ellis, bassist, Tony Billington, drummer, Ian Evans and pianist/cellist, Nick to create the music of INSPIRITION

"Isabel Aimee is a force to be reckoned with. Her voice dances through otherworldly ranges like the sound of mysterious spirits, world songs and real eclectic and original mix of dance, acoustic, guitar, jazz and soothing vocal. Think Celine Dione meets Bjork.”

"My little granddaughter kept asking me to "turn it up" she was dancing around the whole room in delight at your music!”

     -     Michael Eavis, Glastonbury Festival

  Tony Billington, bass             Isabel Aimee, voice                        Ian Evans, drums          Nick Stylianides, keys

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