Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION


- a mystery weekend where individuals become different characters through the skilful facilitation of acting and performing arts teacher, Isabel Aimee Berkeley.

You come with your friends and family, to enjoy a social event where you don a new character the moment you walk through the door, play your part during meals, enjoy the social get together over drinks, tea and breakfast- the classic house party, with the difference being that you get to try being someone else...

Set in the delightful Georgian Hilcombe House, accommodation is distributed over four double bedrooms, two ensuite and two sets of twin single rooms, giving a maximum total of twelve guests at the party. Food is deliciously catered for by professional vegetarian chefs, using organic, locally sourced ingredients. Whether eating in the courtyard or around the large dining table or grouped about the fire, this country house party is something to cherish.

Arriving Friday evening you will be greeted with champagne and a new role for your weekend. By Sunday afternoon, you will leave with a skip in your step and a heart full of new memories, having immersed yourself in this creative atmosphere and possibility.

Playaway Acting-Themed


Get together with Friends to

Celebrate Special Occasions

21-23 September 2018

5-7 October 2018

2-4 November 2018  

9-11 November 2018  

23-25 November 2018  

4-6 January 2019  

11-13 January 2019  

1-3 February 2019  

8-10 March 2019  

29-31 March 2019  

26-28 April 2019