Being a medium is a natural thing- most people forget they can talk easily with those of us who have passed to the other side through what we call Death. Being a Colour Medium means I can tap into the unique energetic vibrations of colour- I would call it passing into more LIFE!  I  help you get back upon your feet  with a fresh palette of colour for your body, your surroundings and your home.

We will quietly sit together, perhaps over some tea, I will meditate for a short a while and then we can receive messages and ask questions for you. Afterwards, we will look to  bring in a fresh impulse of colour, which works as a symbol of your re-connection and helps bring you back to your natural state of optimisim and hope.

The power of colour is irrefutable: the spectrum colours we see have many hues and shades, but each works to soothe and enliven us in specific ways, according to where we currently are in our feelings.

Some of you may be seeking renewed hope, others of you want peace, and some of you wish to feel energised and enlivened. Colour gives us a sense of renewed vigour in life.

Some of us yearn for love and connection, and others for deeper passion.

The colour on our body through clothing and accessories, in our homes on walls, floors, and soft furnishings or even in our gardens, cars and places of work- all have a profound effect upon our mood and well-being.  I want to help you optimise this with received suggestions for introducing new colours during your time of growth, recovery and reaching for more joy.   VIDEO  Welcome to my world of Design

A few of my favourite quotes from clients:

"You have the Magical Touch" Annabel Brittain

"You are a woman who inspires other women. You have shown me by your example how to make wherever you live a place of beauty with a sense of home. You are so incredibly talented." Stella Duigan "Colour Star Isabel" Elizabeth Bradley. "Extraordinary colour sense, I want to live here!" ( In my house :D ) Tamara Roberts



My history in this area of work is varied, but the thread holding it all together was my adoration for colour and its power in our lives. Everything I do is guided by inner direction and my aim is to live as close in harmony to my inner being as possible. My advice and recommendations arise from my long years of passionate interest and study and guidance from beyond the current mechanistically oriented world. I practised the Latihan of SUBUD for years from the age of seventeen- a spiritual practise which brought the inner-being close. I was always interested in Feng Shui and Interior Design, inspired by Deanna Iverson in the eighties. Having my Colours 'done' at the age of fifteen in Atlanta, Georgia was an eye-opener for me. I studied Landscape Architecture and went on to write a PhD in Sustainable Architecture where the emphasis was on what children need to learn to grow close to nature. I won an award for Lateral Thinking, was celebrated as a top student at Purdue and wrote my undergraduate dissertation on Ley Lines at the Edinburgh College of Art/Heriot Watt Uni. I began work as a spiritual artist, dancing in Mother Demon Co. in Berlin and recording my first solo album in 2008. My performance work was received or channelled improvisation in dance and song; Mendelsohn Bartholdy's Schloss, Aquariana and the SONY centre were three of my Berlin venues, although I later went on to lead a band back in the UK and produce two additional albums. I owned a gallery from 2008-12 in Somerset and began teaching Performance Arts in earnest at the renowned Perrott Hill School, where many of my students were awarded scholarships to top UK schools. I have run Air BnB by designing and maintaining beautiful homes from 2012-19 . I currently teach and consult on interiors for those wishing to increase the beauty and functionality in their surroundings.

£40 have the colour for your special room identified                                                                                     

£60 have the optimal colour for your clothing identified                                                                                       

£60 dream interpretations of colour & specific colours for healing                                                                     

£326 Colour Scheme for your whole room: furnishings, fabrics, walls and floor    ONE room                                                                                                                

£830 Colour Scheme for your rooms: furnishings, fabrics, walls and floor THREE rooms                                                                                                                        

£902-4610 Colour Scheme for your whole home: furnishings, fabrics, walls and floor WHOLE HOME                                                                                                                

£60 Colour for Grief Release                                                                                

£180 Colour Course 4 Sessions                                                                           

All sessions payable by protected Paypal in advance, donations accepted

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