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It’s 2020, what do you want for your children?




The ability to speak up for themselves?

Creative mind-set?

Lateral thinking?

The ability to stay calm in difficult situations? I have been teaching and cultivating these abilities for the past twenty years, under-cover of the Performing Arts, through Singing and Acting. These qualities were not valued by government curriculum-based education, but I and every happy, successful adult knows that these qualities are essential, and without them, only a very mediocre life is possible.

I know you love and care for your children. I know you have had to stand by, watching them have to, ‘adapt’ to social isolation, online lessons and virtual meetings, presentations and performances.

These skills are now more important than ever and I have developed the course to help:

I can guarantee you, every element of what I teach is carefully designed to give these qualities to your child- oh, and they will also  learn to sing and act! This course includes  2 years of personal lessons ( that is 27 hours of online personal tuition!), a 64 video course of 15 minutes or less with inbuilt exercises, ( 32 in Acting, 32 in Singing ),

my two books: “How to Act Good and Feel Better” and “Singing Rainbows”

- a total value of £2500, which I will give to you for £2000

My unique area of research : PhD in Architecture, Child Education and Psychology places me in the unique position of qualified expertise, 20 years of teaching the Performing Arts at a top UK private school, bringing regular scholarships, top exam distinction rates, and industry professionals.  (testimonials)

Why invest this much in your child? What you want is what I want: happy, centred, intelligent, creative children who have the internal resources to thrive under any circumstances. Click the button below and Sign-up your child for this opportunity to give them what they both want and need for their happiness and growth

You can space these thirty-two not longer than 15 minute lessons out over weeks, or binge-watch and rinse and repeat. Once you have purchased the series they are your to access foreverrrrrrr!

I want to see you returned to your natural state of confidence and knowing. All of the exercises I have designed have  silliness, fun and enjoyment in mind. Each video takes you a little step closer towards your goal of being the consummate performer.

I have a Facebook page to which you will be invited so that there is a forum for you to chat about your discoveries, tips, tricks and extraordinary experiences.

In times like these, sharing is most certainly caring.

My twenty years of teaching experience and performing are here to give you the love, support, confidence and self belief I believe you deserve.