Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

Testimonials ..from  children...                                                                               

He relates his story accurately and confidently, and is beginning to communicate some dramatic expression into his performance. Archie’s willingness to speak fluidly and think about the way he pronounces words is only going to serve him with his confidence and communication with others. ”IB this little guy could barely speak at all...

“I thought you’d be interested to know that Emily and I had the pleasure of attending the performance of ‘Guys and Dolls’ at King’s College, Taunton on Saturday night. Lorcan had been given a leading role; previously unheard of for a Year 9 pupil in the history of King’s productions. He decided to audition, having seen the flyers. For his audition he sang happy birthday in the style of Frank Sinatra; it was this which won him his leading role!

Just thought you’d like to know. ”BK Lorcan was one of my top acting students for the past two years... :)

Alex needless to say is enjoying his lessons with you as much as ever – thank you for all you do with him.” LD and he wants to be an opera singer, a lawyer or a songwriter..

I just wanted to thank you for helping Harry prepare for his King's Taunton Drama Scholarship.  He is so positive about it and loves the piece you have chosen. He really adores his drama.  Thank you for all your help - he loves your classes and you have helped him so much.”JS

Harry was awarded one of the coveted Drama scholarships this year- his passion is to be a professional actor

Its the whole package watching you move and hearing your amazing range and versatility and passion and ability to communicate your teaching and hold the space to welcome all in. I would say the Angelic realms where there joining in, the sound was glorious. It really was a joy being there.”JVN

"Ive lost all my frustration about my show now (he said, smiling...)" after a session coaching John into positive feelings around his Stand-Up comedy show

"Lovely, exciting, inspiring work, Isabel!" DB

"I love it here, paradise, how you'd really like your world to be!" L.O.

"She's an extraordinary person and she is the author of Brave Souls. If we care about discovering our children's skills and talents, this is a book you might like to read." L.M.K

"I came to you, because I know you are non-judgemental." R.M.G.

This is such a unique way of working- I've never expereinced anything like this before- you are a genius!" J.G.

From my adults...