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Transmissions from the Planet Zog Radio Show

Transmissions from the Planet Zog: Milo & Teal

Take a sip from your mug and settle down… I am going to tell you all about ZOG….it is a planet, not dissimilar to our own sweet Earth: a world of high-fliers, high ideals and a deep marriage to nature. People sing there- they use music to design their world, to keep it in harmony…Zog is a place regulated by the internal ideals of its folk, a people devoted to feeling good and knowing that this is their natural state. Yes, these people know how to truly live as individuals, playing together to construct the most beautiful of experiences, places, relationships and things.

I have a special connection to the planet ZOG: a world like our future, I have found a way to visit, communicate and collaborate with these gorgeous, joyful, brilliant, innovative, leading edge people. And I am sharing it with you in my sweet, funny, quirky and deathly serious… ;) new Lucky-Star Radio Show: “Transmissions from the Planet Zog”.

This funky, fun new radio show features MUSIC from ZoG, and other more earth-bound artists….chat on diverse topics such as Architecture, Education, Music, Health, Wealth and Wisdom… nothing is off limits….after all, ZOG is an entire world waiting to be explored.

See you there!  Isabel Aimee

EVERY 4th FRIDAY 8am PST / 4pm GMT

Milo & Teal

Book 1 Birds of a feather

Milo & Teal

Book 2 Vibration Works