Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

"INSPIRITION for me is about listening to the unseen and my heart and crafting this into unique pop songs encouraging you in the art of allowing and LOA

I Won my first competition singing a cappella aged 4, but its only now i realised Im allowed to do it for my day job! ;)"

Isabel Aimee is a sound hero….singing to make life better, bring emotional awareness and freedom to create our lives as WE, and not others see fit…After winning her first singing competition at the age of five, and spending a childhood creating songs, which her mother had at first to write down, her schoolwork pushed her love of music further from her. Clever girls are expected to excel academically. Twice, auditions for the Royal Ballet School were put aside as she became seriously ill, and singing was done only in choirs, her pure voice meant she was chosen for roles which required natural projection and not the character acting roles which she loved. At 27, with three children a BA Hons in Landscape Architecture and a PhD in Architecture, enough was enough. The job of escaping to freedom began; freedom to speak what she felt and do what her heart told her, freedom to feel and freedom to pursue her deep love of music and all things emotional.

Producers, ‘hungry’ managers, jazz bands and weird and wonderful new age sounds became her training ground for a career on the stage. Her first and only band, bearing her name, INSPIRITION, (from the word, “inspirit” to encourage and enliven) she formed in 2006, back in England, having lived away in Scotland, the USA and Germany for the previous 16 years. She was learning on the go, how to allow your music expression whilst not being suppressed by others (in a male dominated industry!), and exploring clearer and purer and richer ways to express this… Composition, lyric writing, arrangement, production, creative directorships, choreographing, theatre coaching, art work, management and promotion: being a modern musician is a 24/7 thing.

“You learn to remain calm when all those about you are nervous, you learn to keep performing when others muck up, you learn what you need as support systems, confidence, skills, and most of all your job is to nurture, nurture and love yourself when no-one else seems to.” Courage, faith and understanding the laws of the universe (law of attraction and conscious creation): THAT is what makes this particular singer unique. And she has a voice to match!

Stevie Nicks heard her first album, “Truth Telling” and actually went from Los Angeles Studio to Studio, touting it to the record companies who at the time could see nothing else than Hip Hop and money bags. Stevie said it, “changed the way she wrote” and, “there should be more music like this”. Bjorks label- Derek Birkett loved it but had not the cash to invest at the time- sending Isabel Bjorks’ albums instead…

Supporting the Kinks, Curved Air, Barrelhouse Blues Orchestra, and this year, The Beautiful South and The Christians, Isabel plays live on air in the UK and USA, is a regular guest on the USA Ed Tyll show, a repeat guest of her favourite radio stations and still finds some time to teach singing and acting to other budding stars. She’s one of those rare women who do not give up, who pursue their dreams, who go ahead of the current, because they know they were born to lead. Isabel Aimee’s haunting and uplifting songs, sing out the newest philosophies of successful lives. She crafts both her studio recordings and public performances with an almost otherworldly vision. This music rocks your soul and sets up new catch-phrases in your mind. You’ll be pleased you took the time to listen: this is truly a voice, which always surprises, delights and warms- it’s INSPIRITION!

Follow your heart, its beating music! x

Isabel Aimee

Singer songwriter

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