Isabel Aimee's INSPIRITION

Money =Love

Love makes the world go round- we know that…so what IS money?

Well, it SHOULD be a measurable exchange mechanism for value.

And it isnt always…..


That's the theme of my New Years’ work. “ALIGNED” was written to get me and you, up, together and ready to expect all the good things in life, and now its time to address just what these good things might be.

Money=GOLD disappeared a LONG time ago (we live in a world of FIAT currency- one based upon an arbitrary

value for our £’s and $’s, set by Nixon after the outrageously expensive Vietnam war….


So what DOES Money do ?

What do we naturally  ?

And more to the point, how are we to determine our own value and worth in this world?

I am setting myself a series of experiments (I didn’t get that “Dr.” title for nuffin’ ;) ), into money, value, wealth and worth. If I am going to write about it, I have to go the whole hog and create wealth and see how it resonates with my own sense of value…

AND as ever, my work as a singer-songwriter, is for myself AND THE WORLD. What wisdom I discover, I pass on, because I want all of you to benefit.

You who know me, understand that I am an intellectual New Age Law of Attraction philosopher, using my songs to put complex new ideas into simpler absorbable form, through beautiful, emotionally-charged songs.

I want you to know your true value, I want you to stop putting your money where it is abused and undervalued, I want you to create worth and wealth and I want you to understand that self worth comes first, and from that place, wealth follows- if you want it to…

For decades, I have been an expert on managing my creative life without the input of money- I am a genius at creating without the stuff….and yet  now I want to create with it- it feels like the fun and natural thing to do at this point in my life. There are new adventures to be had!